Hi, I’m Royce Lee.I am a:
Ex-Naval Diver,
Strength athlete,

About Me

Hi, I’m Royce Lee.
I am a coach,
ex-Naval Diver,
strength athlete and adventurer.


I am passionate about coaching and helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.As an online nutrition and training coach, I specialise in working with frustrated trainees who are struggling with weight loss. My goal is to help people achieve weight loss and keep it off for the long term.

Ex-Naval Diver:

This was a fun and crazy time. Training to become a Naval Diver was an incredible journey that pushed me mentally and physically. My most memorable experience was surviving Hell-Week; 5 days of intense physical challenges with minimal sleep. It was brutal but eye-opening. Hell-Week taught me resilience and showed me that I am capable of more than I ever imagined. It's an experience that has shaped me and instilled the belief that anything is possible with determination and perseverance.

Strength athlete:

My desire to push my physical limits led me to powerlifting. It was also during this journey in the pursuit of strength that most of my training principles and coaching approaches were shaped and developed.Having to perform exercises with a heavy load was a perfect forcing function for me to nail down exercise techniques from the get-go. It honed my expertise in exercise techniques enabling me to better guide my clients and help them achieve remarkable results.At my last powerlifting competitions, I achieved a total of 584kg. Squat: 232kg, Bench: 127kg, Deadlift: 225kg.

My fitness journey:

I was overweight since young, weighing in at over 63kg even before the age of 10. It was a struggle and I was on the path that led to obesity unless something changed.I had zero confidence looking into the mirror every morning. Concerns about my health also weighed heavily on my mind. Carrying too much fat is a risk factor after all.People ridiculed me for my size, a reminder that I didn’t need. My new clothes which were barely 6 months old no longer fit comfortably.Eventually, I was handpicked to join TAF (Trim & Fit) Club. A weight loss program in school that targeted child obesity.My spark was an intersection of three things that changed my life and started my fitness journey:1. The desire to get back my recess time - Half of it was usually spent running laps around the school.
2. The boost in energy I felt after my runs at TAF Club
3. My own maturation and readiness to change and improve.
After months of running at TAF Club, I could feel myself getting fitter, but my weight wasn’t budging much. I wanted to see more physical improvements. I wanted to slim down. That’s when I started diving into every health and fitness resource that I could find on the internet. Over the years, I went through all the different phases you can think of. I tried cardio, bodyweight training, home dumbbell workout, machine-only workouts, and finally graduating to barbells when I was “of-age” (My parents didn’t like the idea of me touching the barbell until I was much older. Also, at 17 I found $100 credited to me by the government to be spent for healthy activities e.g going to local community gyms. That worked out to be about 4 months of free gym membership. Awesome news for a 17-year-old. And that was how I got introduced to the gym. Never looked back since!).Looking back, that period of digging and learning was paramount to my growth as an individual and a fitness enthusiast pursuing weight loss. I eventually got my weight down and became much fitter which played a part in me becoming a Naval Diver and a Powerlifter - 2 things I doubt would have happened if 10-year-old me never decided to actively pursue weight loss. And today, I am a coach dedicated to helping people who are just like I was, to lose weight and keep it off.


I had a fair bit of free time when I was studying abroad in Melbourne. That’s when it began. My first adventure was during my time studying abroad in Melbourne. It was an impromptu 4D3N road trip from Melbourne to Sydney. Planning for it started T-3 days, and accommodation was the car. Exploring the small coastal cities along the way, and hiking the trails in the national parks were gorgeous. My two favourite spots were Pinnacles Loop Walking Track and Haycock Point near Eden. When I got back, I bought a tent (sleeping in the car was well… a little painful on the back) and was planning for the next ones - Grampians, Great Ocean Road, and Wilson Promontory.

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Are you tired of constantly struggling to lose weight?

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How does online weight loss coaching
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Curious about the benefits of online coaching?
Here's what you need to know:
➡️ With online coaching, you have access to a diverse pool of coaches (me being one of them), rather than being limited to the handful of trainers available within that 5km radius where you work or stay.➡️ Time constraints are no longer an issue - work out whenever and wherever fits your lifestyle, without worrying about scheduling conflicts, late-coming issues, and cancellations.➡️ You'll receive a personalised nutrition and training program designed specifically to help you achieve your goals.

We will communicate via text, and videos on a weekly basis to keep us on the same page while ensuring optimal and effective communication.

Think of me as your personal guide on the journey to achieving your goals. With my expertise, I can help you remove the guesswork, and avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that often come with trying to go at it alone.

The coaching experience

1. Fill out the application form below

This initial application form is an important step to ensure that I can deliver the best coaching experience to you.

2. Online coaching questionnaire

An email with the online coaching questionnaire will be sent to you, along with a link to book your Initial call.
This is your opportunity to share more information about yourself and your goals. Your answers will help me understand your needs better and it’ll dictate the direction of our conversation during our initial call.

3. Initial call

Before we commit to working together, we need to assess whether we are a good fit for each other.During this call, we will get to know each other, discuss your goals, and make a plan for how we can work together towards achieving your goals.If we are in agreement, we will move forward and kickstart your coaching journey.If we are not a good fit, I will still offer recommendations to help you on your journey towards your goals. Ultimately, my goal is to see you succeed, whether we work together or not.

4. Payment and Delivery of initial nutrition and training plan

After the initial call, if we are in agreement to proceed with coaching, payment details will be shared with you. Following that, you will receive your tailored nutritional strategy and individualised training program tailored to your unique experience, preferences and goals.

5. Weekly check-in and
progress update

We will have check-ins and progress updates on a weekly basis to ensure that we are on track while still giving the body adequate time to adapt. Having this tight feedback loop allows adjustments to be made in a timely manner if needed.

6. Goal achieved. What’s next?

Firstly, Congratulations on achieving your weight loss goal!I hate to be a party pooper but I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t let you know this. Many dieters end up regaining most if not all the weight they lost after their weight loss journey due to the absence of long-term planning. I do not want you to be part of that statistic.To achieve that, we will transition to a maintenance phase where we will work together to establish habits and strategies that will help you sustain your dream body in the long term.My goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to become independent and confident in your ability to maintain your transformation.

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Coaching Testimonials


When I first met Royce, my fitness goal was to lose weight and tone my body for my wedding! Going through his program, I saw visible differences in my body just after 4 months – toning my body, and losing weight in the process.I really appreciated that the training placed a strong emphasis on me getting quality reps with the correct form to prevent injury. There was a good balance between pushing me, and working within my physical limits.Royce was also understanding when planning the various workouts around the month according to my cycle. He empowered me and made me feel comfortable taking ownership of my workouts.He also addressed misconceptions I had about my diet & nutrition, and helped me overcome unhealthy food mindsets, such as fears of eating 'too much carbs', 'fat is bad', or 'i should avoid sugar completely because it makes me fat, even though i love it'. By understanding my false beliefs underlying these thoughts, I was able to work towards planning and eating a balanced diet that was suited for me & my nutritional goals, and it played a large part in helping me achieve my fitness goals.I would definitely recommend Royce as a coach – he is nurturing, professional and experienced in coaching. I was nervous about getting coached, but he made me feel very comfortable, and was very encouraging throughout the process.


Working with Royce as my online coach for five months was nothing short of phenomenal. When I approached Royce, my goal was to improve my strength, and thanks to his coaching and guidance, I was able to achieve that and more. In just five months, I was able to increase my squat by 12kg, bench by 6kg, and deadlift by 22kg.
But Royce didn't just help me hit my goals—he helped me achieve something truly remarkable. I went on to represent Team Australia and take home the gold medal at the World Powerlifting - ASIA PACIFIC CHAMPIONSHIPS (Hong Kong) 2019, where I squatted 102kg, benched 70kg, and deadlifted 152kg, totalling 324kg at a bodyweight of 50kg.
What sets Royce apart as a coach is his attentiveness, incredible attention to detail and holistic approach to training. His ability to fine-tune my training program on a weekly basis when needed based on how my body was adapting to the training was invaluable. I really appreciated how he uses all available information made available to him through our weekly check-ins and communications throughout the week to ensure that I am on track to hit my goals.I am also very thankful for the excellent support and guidance that Royce provides with his coaching. He would go out of his way to address any of my questions or worries that arose throughout the week.But perhaps what I appreciated most about Royce was his ability to provide constructive feedback on my lifting technique, which greatly improved my performance. He has a keen eye for detail, and his insights and recommendations were spot on.Overall, I highly recommend Royce as a coach to anyone who is serious about losing weight while getting strong. He's an outstanding coach who truly cares about his clients and is dedicated to helping them achieve their goals.